Beyond Teeth: What’s Inside Your Mouth

Beyond Teeth: What’s Inside Your Mouth

Good oral health is not just about the proper brushing and flossing. There are lots to do for the proper hygienic mouth.

Every structure in your mouth plays its role. Apart from teeth, there are gums, oral mucosa, upper and lower jaw, tongue, salivary glands, the uvula and frenulum. Every part of your mouth has its own role and it should be dealt with great attention. A regular dental checkup is important to maintain the good oral health.

Here we go with the little explanation:

The Oral Mucosa

Just like your nostrils and inner ears, there is a thin protective line in your mouth called Oral Mucosa. Everything which is not a tooth is covered with mucous membrane.

The oral mucosa is essential for your oral health as well as your overall health in a sense that it protects your mouth from germs and other stuff that enters your mouth.

The Gums

Teeth are surrounded and supported by the gums; it is a pink-ish color tissue. Healthy gums cover the entire tooth root which should not bleed while brushing. It plays a critical role in your oral health and requires full attention. Usually if gum diseases are not handled properly leads to tooth loss. Dentists recommend flossing your teeth daily as it is essential for your dental care.

The Upper and Lower Jaw

Jaws give the structure to your mouth. Human jaws are made up of several bones – The upper jaw has two bones combined with each other and the rest of the skull while the lower jawbone is separate from the rest of the skull. Both upper and lower jaws are important for chewing and speech.

The Tongue

The tongue is a specialized mucosal tissue which also includes your taste buds. It is just not important for your oral health but for your digestive system as well. Tongue helps to move food to your teeth and when chewed, it moves it back to the throat.

Additionally, tongue has an essential role in speaking; it produces different sounds by shaping it differently. If we talk about babies, they are able to take breastfeed with the help of their tongue and jaw.

The Salivary Glands

We have three kinds of salivary gland on our mouth and neck. These glands contain special enzymes which help us to break down the food. The salivary glands are critical to good oral health. It protects teeth and gums as it help to rinse away the food particles and bacteria.

To know is very important. We should know what our mouth structure is and how to care to maintain good oral hygiene. If you are interested in knowing it more, please contact us and we would be delighted to help you!