Common Types Of Oral Surgeries

Common Types Of Oral Surgeries

Sometimes, oral surgeries can become necessary to treat dental problems. There are different types of oral surgeries that are safe and effective. However, the procedures of eliminating various dental problems should be performed by professional dentists only. Oral surgeries eliminate the pain and discomfort that is caused due to tooth and jaw related injuries.

When you notice a problem with your teeth, you should not waste time to visit a family dentist. Ignoring dental problems and leaving them untreated for a long time can result in teeth or bone loss. Getting your teeth checked from a family dentist will let you know if your dental problem is a minor one or if it needs an oral surgery. Tooth extraction is the most common type of oral surgery, but there are other types of oral surgeries that you should know about.

Impacted teeth

An impacted tooth is a dental issue which occurs when the wisdom tooth is big enough and there is no space on the gum line to accommodate it. This tooth thus, becomes impacted between the jawbone and gums, and can cause damage to the gums and nearby teeth. However, you save your gums and teeth with oral surgery.

Dental implants

Dental implants are one of the common types of oral surgeries. The dental implants surgery provides support and stability to the existing and new dentures. It also helps replace the lost teeth. Many people who lose their teeth due to an infection or in an accident undergo the dental implants surgery. A family dentist will recommend dental implants to prevent future problems with tooth placements. However, dental implants are an option only for people having healthy teeth.

Tooth extraction

Almost everyone has heard of tooth extraction. It is a common oral surgery. In this surgery, the tooth is extracted to save all your other teeth from getting infected. However, all dental problems do not require a tooth to be extracted.

Root canal

Some dental problems can be treated with a root canal. Root canal is a treatment that removes the decayed or infected nerve instead of the entire tooth.

There are various other types of oral surgeries that a family dentist would recommend. However, these are the most common ones. You may be worried about the pain and suffering that a surgery brings along with it, but with experienced dentists you can be sure of getting the best results with a speedy recovery.