Do you Have a Dental Emergency?

Do you Have a Dental Emergency?

Are your gums or teeth aching? Have they been hurting for many days? If yes, this can be a serious concern. A sudden injury or trauma to your mouth can cause you severe dental pain, affecting your daily activities. Emergencies must always be addressed properly with the help of the guidance of a professional emergency dentist in Sherwood Park.

If you are experiencing a dental emergency, there are some very obvious signs that can’t be ignored.

Chipped or Broken Tooth

A chipped or broken tooth may not seem like a problem in the beginning and you may choose to ignore it. However, a chipped tooth can cause you high sensitivity and slowly become vulnerable to infections and decay. This is because a chipped tooth is a great place for bacteria and food particles to settle. The broken tooth can even prevent you from chewing or speaking properly. It becomes important to get proper and professional care for it.

Loose or Cracked Tooth

A loose tooth creates trouble while eating and can be quite irritating as well. Avoid touching your tongue on that tooth as it can worsen the situation. Sometimes eating becomes difficult due to hypersensitivity caused by minor fractures. In such a case, you definitely want to consult an Emergency Dentist. An emergency dentist will be able to take remedial action before the tooth actually falls out.

Bleeding of Gums

There are various reasons for bleeding gums – infection, injury or hypersensitive gums are some causes. Bleeding gums can also also be a sign of developing periodontal or gum disease. Rush to the dentist, find the cause and get the right solution from an Emergency dentist in Sherwood Park.

Oral Infections

Oral infections can create bad breath and give you bleeding gums. If you face any kind of dental problem, visit your dentist, take the right treatment, and get rid of any infections before they cause more trouble.

Trauma and Swelling of Jaw

A sudden fall, fight or sports injury can cause various issues like fractures, knocked-out teeth, loose teeth or even a major injury to your jaw. This creates severe swelling and pain that needs to be addressed by an Emergency dentist as soon as possible.

There are many situations when we often assume that the dental pain can be treated at home, or worse – ignored. But it needs an emergency dental intervention with correct after-care procedures to be followed. Aspire Dental assists you with a professional Emergency dentist in Sherwood Park.