Five Uses of Your Old Toothbrush

Five Uses of Your Old Toothbrush

Is your toothbrush increasing your floss’s workload? Not getting clean results after brushing your teeth? Before you end up with cavities and need to visit a Sherwood Park emergency dental clinic, replace your toothbrush. Proper brushing techniques will not suffice if your toothbrush is not right. Dentists advise that a toothbrush should be replaced every three months. Prolonged use of the same toothbrush leads to germ build-up, which eventually causes tooth problems. Imagine the number of toothbrushes you might be throwing away every year. Here are a few other ways you can use your old toothbrush.

Cleaning Kitchen and Bathroom Crevices

How difficult it gets to clean those tiny crevices of your kitchen table and the bathroom tiles. It is something that no amount of sponging can clean out. Try your old toothbrush next time. The tiny bristles which clean out the crevices of teeth so well can work wonders in cleaning your kitchen and bathroom. Just dip the toothbrush in a mixture of baking soda and bleach and start scrubbing.

Cleaning Computer Keyboard

Another nasty corner to reach while cleaning is the space between the keys of a keyboard. It becomes practically impossible to reach out to the dust in those gaps. The fine bristles of a toothbrush can be used to clean the dust.

Cleaning Jewelry

You hate it when your precious jewelry loses its shine. The fine design of a jewelry becomes difficult to clean. Using a toothbrush, you can clean out particles stuck in the finest of place without damaging the jewelry.

Cleaning Nails

Maintaining nail hygiene is another thing you can use your old toothbrush for. Using the sharp edges of the nail cutter to clean the stubborn dirt beneath your nail can be hurtful. The soft bristles of a toothbrush clean out the dirt efficiently without hurting you.

Cleaning Shoe Soles

It is common for dirt and tiny stones to get stuck in the gaps in your shoe’s sole. Using a sharp object to remove them could damage your shoe sole. Trying using an old toothbrush instead. It easily removes the dirt without damaging your shoe’s sole.

Many people ignore the dentist’s advice to replace a toothbrush. It is not something to be taken lightly. Without a proper bristled brush, you are just inviting cavities and decays. Do not forget to replace it timely. In case you are facing cavities and decay, contact a Sherwood Park emergency dental clinic for a checkup.