Why Do People Get Braces?

Why Do People Get Braces?

Teeth straightening is the most common reason for getting dental braces, but it is not the only reason. Braces have various functions and can correct numerous dental problems including cosmetic issues and health issues. If you are thinking of getting dental braces, but you don’t know if these braces are for you, here are some reasons why people go for dental braces:

Misaligned Teeth

Are you familiar with the terms ‘overbite’ and ‘underbite’? Well, an overbite is when the upper jaw juts out too much in front of your lower jaw and an underbite is when the lower jaw overlaps the upper jaw. These misaligned bites or teeth possess a lot of problems. They put excessive strain on some teeth, while the other teeth may see no action at all.

Misaligned teeth can put strain on the jaw as well and cause tension that can lead to jaw pain or cause you to grind your teeth. If misaligned teeth are your problem, you should get wired or bracketed braces as they help in correcting misaligned teeth.

Crooked Teeth

Having crooked teeth does not have any major health issues associated with them. However, they do affect your smile. Putting dental braces on can help in teeth straightening so you can get a beautiful and confident smile. Braces shift your teeth into the most natural looking alignment.

Many people get braces for cosmetic reasons but having straight teeth is also better to maintain dental health. Having properly aligned teeth makes cleaning and maintaining easy. It is difficult to clean crooked teeth. Although wanting straight teeth is a good enough reason to opt for braces, there are other health reasons to have properly aligned teeth.

Teeth Crowding

Crowding happens when teeth do not have enough space to erupt from the gums. This issue makes it difficult to chew food properly and it also causes clenching or grinding teeth. When you opt for braces, your dentist will use many techniques to correct the problem. Although this is not a very common reason for getting braces, it is one of the common problems that can be fixed using dental braces.

If any of these are your problem, you should get in touch with your family dentist. Your dentist will tell you if dental braces are what you need. Although it is a long procedure, you will surely be satisfied with the end results.