Stephanie was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta. She completed her post secondary education at the University of Alberta and received her Bachelor of Science degree with a specialization in Dental Hygiene. Stephanie is also certified for the administration of local anaesthetic to ensure and allow comfort for her patients. She has always been passionate about dental hygiene and loves the relationship that she is able to create and build with patients.

Stephanie is the eldest in her family among two younger siblings. Outside of work Stephanie enjoys going shopping as she likes to call it “retail therapy” and spending quality time with her dog Cosmo. She believes in the importance of keeping up with a nutritious lifestyle and is an absolute fruit fanatic. She wants to eventually travel the world with Europe being at the top of her bucket list.

A healthy, beautiful smile goes far beyond what meets the eye. Oral health is the window to optimal overall health and Stephanie wishes to share this knowledge with all those that she meets. She is dedicated to working closely with her patients towards a healthy future by encouraging patients to become active participants in the maintenance of their oral hygiene care.