Dental Assistant

Tarra was born and raised in Edmonton and has 2 younger brothers. In 2006 she graduated from the Dental Assitant Certificate program at NAIT in Edmonton. She worked her first year in Grande Prairie and then moved back to Edmonton where she worked her second year full time as a dental assistant.

In 2008, she attended Grant MacEwan University in pursuit of a Degree while still working part time as a dental assistant. In 2013 she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and began working at The Family Center as Reunification worker. In this role, she worked in a group home type setting with parents and children who had child and family service involvement and with youth at risk. Her task was to aid in reintegrating these at-risk families and youth back into the community; she would aid in meal-planning, bed time routine, discipline, finding affordable housing, and developing healthy coping skills. After 1 year in that role, she moved into the position of Success Coach working in a Junior high and High School in Edmonton with youth aged 12-18 years old. She worked with these youth around issues such as suicide, child abuse, teen pregnancy, addiction and resume building. In September 2015, she returned to school at the University of Alberta where I am currently taking a 2 year Masters Program in Occupational Therapy.

She has recently returned to working part-time as a dental assistant on weekends and am excited to integrate my knowledge and experience at Aspira and Albany Dental.