How Tobacco Affects Your Dental Health: Advice from An Emergency Dentist

How Tobacco Affects Your Dental Health: Advice from An Emergency Dentist

Dental hygiene is essential. Sadly, few people practice it. Love for food and beverages may satiate different palates, but on the flip side, it’s the teeth and the mouth that bears the brunt. Not many are aware, but consumption of tobacco tends to hamper an individual’s oral health. Tobacco is the cause of more than 7 billion deaths every year making it the most widely used abused substances around the globe. As an Emergency Dentist in Sherwood Park, you should be aware of how tobacco affects an individual’s dental health.

The Perils Of Tobacco

Periodontal disease

People who chew tobacco or smoke are more prone wearing their teeth and gums. Periodontal disease is a gum infection that affects the dental bone structure. In acute cases, it leads to teeth falling out too. The tissue and bone which holds a person’s teeth can break down due to excess tobacco consumption, resulting in loosening of teeth and requiring immediate extraction. This severe gum disease is known as Periodontitis. According to a study, 15.6% of current smokers are at risk of periodontal disease. Early warning symptoms and signs include bleeding or tender gums, sensitive teeth, pain while chewing food and red or swollen gums.

Oral Cancer

Another significant effect of tobacco results in oral cancer. Cigarette smokers have a high risk of oral cancer. Smokers are 6 times more likely to develop mouth cancer than non-smokers. The tobacco product used by a person determines what type of disease or which part of the mouth may get affected. For example, when it comes to smokeless tobacco, an individual is susceptible to cancer of the gums and teeth.

Other Risks

Incessant usage of tobacco leads to perpetual bad breath. Chain smoking may cause overgrowth of the papilla, i.e., small patches of hair on the tongue surface. This makes way for germs to breed and subsequently generates burning sensation on a person’s tongue aggravating bad breath. Too much tobacco weakens gums and causes other body ailments such as stroke, bronchitis, heart diseases, and lung cancer. People who are tobacco addicts have tooth discoloration and increased amounts of plaque as well as tartar. It tends to affect the inner-bone attachment of the mouth by hindering soft and essential tissues of the gums.

Tobacco consumption has detrimental effects on your body and dental health. Quitting can be very difficult, and you should not do it on your own. Reach out to tobacco support groups and take help. If you smoke regularly, it’s vital that you visit an Emergency Dentist in Sherwood Park. You may be experiencing major dental problems and not even be aware of it.