Tooth Sensitivity: How Do You Deal With It?

Tooth Sensitivity: How Do You Deal With It?

Do you feel a tinge of pain whenever you take a sip of your cold drink on a hot day? Does it also hurt when you drink your coffee in the morning? Although the pain may not last for long, tooth sensitivity is a dental health condition that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Apart from the pain, it can cause a lot of other problems that could affect your daily life. For one, you would have second thoughts about drinking or eating your favorite beverages and dishes because you’re afraid of suffering from that stinging pain.

The worn-out protective layers of the teeth are what causes tooth sensitivity. The exposure of the tooth dentin is what brings about the stinging yet often throbbing pain. Since the dentin is full of tiny tubes that have nerves at its end, their exposure to extreme heat and cold is what is causing the pain.

Is there a way to reduce such tooth sensitivity? Here are some tips from your trusted dentists in Edmonton to help ease the pain:

Use Toothpaste for Sensitive Teeth

Because a lot of people suffer from it, toothpaste manufacturers now offer various brands of toothpaste for sensitive teeth. Most of these brands contain potassium nitrate that helps keep the tubes of the dentin blocked to keep the tooth from being sensitive. Although it is not something that could work for everyone, it is an excellent place to start. Dentists in Edmonton recommend that the toothpaste is used continuously to keep patients from suffering even more.

Brush The Right Way

Do you brush vigorously? Are you not using a soft-bristled toothbrush? Or are you not brushing for at least two minutes? If you are guilty of any of the three, then you are not helping your sensitive teeth at all. Brushing vigorously does not help protect your teeth at all. In fact, it is one of the major causes of the thinning of the tooth enamel that leads to teeth sensitivity. If you are guilty of brushing the wrong way, then you must change it for the better. The change in brushing techniques may not solve the problem altogether, but it is going to be a considerable feat.

Keep from Drinking or Eating Acid-rich Foods and Drinks

Eating slices of citrus fruits in the morning or drinking red wine before going to bed at night could cause the acid attack on the natural tooth enamel. When you limit the intake of these foods and drinks and brush your teeth at least twenty minutes after you have consumed them, you are doing your teeth a huge favor. Brushing soon after eating could mean brushing the acid more on the tooth, causing more harm than good.

When dealing with tooth sensitivity, it is best to see your dentist and consult about your condition. Dentists in Edmonton will be glad to answer all your queries about tooth sensitivity and how to deal with it.