Worst Drinks For Your Dental Health

Worst Drinks For Your Dental Health

Did you know that an average person consumes as much as 22 grams of sugar each day, which is double the amount recommended for consumption by the World Health Organization? Just imagine what all that sugar can do to your teeth, and its protective enamel.it can lead to cavity build-up, not to mention the serious of dental problems that could develop because of too much sugar intake. It may not come as a surprise that one of the leading sources of sugar intake of people is their drinks. But you’ll be surprised to know that your favorite beverage is on this list.

· Fruit Juice

Including a glass of fresh fruits in your diet come with a long list of health benefits. However, not all fruit juices are healthy for you. The more health conscious aspect of you opts for fruit juice over soda, thinking that it is the best alternative for you. However, some fruit juice combinations contain as much sugar as that of your favorite soda. For example, your favorite apple juice usually contains, at an average, ten tsp. of sugar per serving, which is equal the amount of sugar contained in a can of soda. Also, the sugar and citric acid combination in fruit juice can lead to unwanted cases of tooth decay. If you still want to drink fruit juice, cut down the intake by filling half the cup with water. Or you can look for alternative fruit juice options that are much healthier.

· Sports Drink

Sports drinks can give you the energy boost that you need. However, did you know that such beverages can do that because they contain more sugar than you think? At an average, each serving of a sports drink contains 19 grams of sugar. In addition to that, some sports drinks also contain sodium (salt) which can be as much as what a bag of potato chips contain. Without your knowledge, a sports drink can eat away the natural protection of your tooth, not to mention feed your body with very unhealthy amounts of calories.

· Cola

If there were such a thing as “gold standard” for drinks that are bad for your teeth, soft drinks would have won it every time. They contain two of the worst things for your teeth – acid and sugar. In fact, some soda products contain more than 22 grams of sugar. The high sugar content plus the acid that each bottle contains help destroy the natural enamel of the teeth. Consuming huge amount of soda causes irreparable damage to your teeth not to mention your overall health.

Although dentists in Edmonton won’t make you give up drinking the drinks on this list, they will make you cut down from your usual intake. With their help, you can keep your teeth and gums healthy and still drink your favorite fruit juice or soda once in a while.