Importance of Dental Implants in Modern Dentistry

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importance of dental implants in modern dentistry

Teeth serve many purposes in everyday life. Our appearance, nutrition, and speech all depend on our teeth being in good condition. Therefore, when people experience tooth loss all these spheres are compromised. Not having teeth can make it difficult to chew food, limiting your diet to softer foods. Also, having gaps in your smile affects your appearance and can cause lisps. As a result, it is vital for people with tooth loss to find an adequate replacement for their teeth in order to live a normal life. In this article, you will learn about the benefits of acquiring dental implants near you.

Who should obtain dental implants ?

Anyone who has experienced tooth loss should look into dental implants in Sherwood Park. Whether you lost your teeth due to tooth decay or injury, you should make your way to a dental office and see what your options are. Dental implants can help prevent certain issues that occur after losing a tooth. Therefore, starting the process as quickly as possible is the ideal scenario. On the other hand, if the reason you lost your teeth is gum disease, then you will need to treat that condition before being able to undergo dental implant surgery since it can hinder the success of the procedure.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are a type of tooth replacement that involves a titanium screw-shaped apparatus that serves as an artificial tooth root. It is called the implant body and is connected to the dental crown, which is the only visible part of the implant. Unlike other tooth replacement options, dental implants replace the entirety of the tooth, including the root. Also, they look, feel, and function just like a natural tooth.

What is the process of acquiring dental implants?

The first step in receiving dental implants is introducing the implant body into your gums and jawbone. After this, you will have to wait for a couple of months for your tissues to heal. During this time, a process called “osseointegration” will occur, where your jawbone will grow around the implant and blend with it. Once this happens and the implant is stable, your dentist will open your gums once again and attach the abutment to the body. Two weeks after this step, when your gums have healed, your dentist will place the dental crown and your implant will be complete.

Are there any benefits to dental implants?

Aside from the obvious benefits of replacing your missing teeth like being able to enjoy all types of meals and improving your appearance and self-esteem, dental implants have specific benefits that other tooth replacement options don’t have. These benefits are the result of also replacing the tooth root.

Immediately after losing a tooth, the tissues that surrounded it, including the gums and the jawbone start to deteriorate. As time goes by, your jawbone starts to recede, causing a sunken look that will make you appear much older than you are. Thankfully, since dental implants also replace your tooth root, the jawbone is constantly being stimulated and this promotes bone growth. Therefore, by acquiring dental implants you will avoid looking older.

How should you take care of your dental implants?

Just like you took care of your natural teeth. Dental implants don’t require much care aside from brushing your teeth twice daily, flossing once every day, and scheduling regular checkups with a dentist in Sherwood Park. Dental implants are resistant to tooth decay. However, this isn’t a free pass to neglect your oral health habits. By following these instructions your implants could last up to 25 years, or even a lifetime.