Parental Behavior in the Pediatric Dental Office

Parental Behavior in the Pediatric Dental Office

Kids are more attention-seeker, but not at all difficult to deal with. Parents play an important role causing the stress to their kids. A good pediatric dentist knows which strategies to adapt while doing the treatment because they have dealt children of every kind and ages.

Sometimes an extra care of parents to their child hampers the dentists’ efforts. For instance, a mother has either made some horrified statement in front of her child or she might have told her own personal experiences at the dentist.

Another cause of stress is the parents wish, to be there during the treatment which leads to distraction and sometimes slow down the treatment. If parents are present during the operative treatment, they would like to know every single detail of the treatment which is the big cause of distraction.

On the other side of the picture, parental presence is helpful, child feels secure and satisfied, with of course less- anxiety. Parents should understand that words spoken by them are very much valued by their kids; therefore, they better choose their words wisely.

Let me explain it with an example below: Paul, Mom, and a Dentist;

Dentist: “Paul, How old are you?”

Mom answered: “He’s 8 years now.” (Mom answered the question rather Paul)

Dentist: “Paul, I am putting some sleepy juice in your mouth so your tooth should sleep”

Mom stepped in and said: “It is not going to hurt you, you will be ok, just hold my hand if it hurts.”

Now, child (Paul) is anxious that how will it be? And what will hurt? Now, this situation is getting on the child’s nerves and he has forgotten already what the dentists had said.

Dentist: “Paul, open your mouth, please”
(Paul is nervous and looking for someone to help him to quit this treatment)
Mom requested: “Paul, open your mouth” (And Paul is not even ready to look at the dentist.)

See, this is tough situation. Therefore, it is better to stay aside during the treatment of your child and let the dentist handle it with his own way. He knows the trick. Of course if you have any questions, you should ask your dentist and clear things from your end. But do not divert the dentist’s attention to you rather than your child.