Top 10 Teeth Whitening Myths

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top ten teeth whitening myths

Having a youthful, bright-looking smile may take work and additional treatments such as teeth whitening done by your Sherwood Park dentist. At-home treatments may also be beneficial to maintaining your bright smile. Many teeth whitening products and solutions are available on the market, and it can be overwhelming to find what will work best for you. There are also several myths associated with teeth whitening and following these may be more damaging than beneficial.

10 Teeth Whitening Myths Debunked

1) Baking soda can whiten your smile.

This myth can be misleading since some products do contain baking soda. However, using this ingredient directly on your smile may interfere with the ratio of good to bad bacteria on your teeth. This may cause tooth decay.

2) Using hydrogen peroxide whitens teeth.

This is untrue and can be dangerous. Peroxide is an ingredient used in whitening products, but it can be harsh on your gums, tongues, and other mouth tissues at a high percentage. It will cause a reaction similar to aging. This chemical should always be administered within the setting of a dental clinic.

3) Whitening toothpaste is highly effective.

This product does not contain enough chemicals to whiten your smile in a safe and effective fashion. Whitening ingredients typically need to be on your teeth for at least 20 minutes for noticeable change. These products also contain additional ingredients that may be harsh on your teeth during daily use.

4) Chewing whitening gums may brighten your teeth.

Chewing gums that claim to have whitening properties do not effectively change the shade of your teeth; they do not contain enough whitening ingredients.

5) At-home whitening gels are the same as professional whitening gels.

Professional teeth whitening in Sherwood Park will be more efficient than at-home treatments due to the higher quality products a dentist near you will use. Their whitening gels have a higher concentration of peroxide, the active bleaching ingredient in the gel. In addition, they may use special UV lighting to speed up the whitening process when treating your smile in their dental office.

6) Always use the strongest whitening gel.

Products with higher content of brightening ingredients are more effective, but this does not mean they are safe for use. Dentists have excessive training and experience in understanding and using strong products. Over-the-counter gels or kits may contain powerful ingredients that can be damaging if not used properly.

7) Teeth whitening will last forever.

Unfortunately, teeth whitening will not last forever, as teeth are naturally prone to staining with time. When properly taken care of, your smile, after undergoing whitening treatment, should last a few years. But your teeth may begin to show discoloration naturally after several months. Once you begin seeing the whiteness fade, you can visit your dental clinic for another round of teeth whitening near you.

8) Fruits such as strawberries and lemons whiten teeth.

These fruits have whitening properties, but dentists do not recommend using them purely for teeth whitening. The natural acids of the fruit can help remove stains from the enamel but affect its health. They can cause permanent teeth damage due to frequent exposure to the chemicals of the fruit.

9) Anyone can use whitening products or get a treatment.

Whitening gels work on most teeth, but they will not affect crowns or veneers. If you seek a whitening treatment but have these, discuss your options with a dentist to ensure you are not left with mismatched tones in your smile.

10) Coconut oil whitens teeth.

This idea is based on the old practice called “oil pulling.” It is rumored to remove stains from teeth, but unfortunately, there is no concrete scientific proof that it is truly effective.

Bottom Line

If you want to enhance your smile by brightening your teeth, our suggestion is to visit one of our Sherwood Park dentists for professional treatment. This will give you the best results and ensure you are not exposing your smile to harsh chemicals or wasting time with treatments that do not work. Aspire Dental is here to help you achieve your dream smile! Contact us today to book your appointment.