What Not To Eat?

What Not To Eat?

At the beginning of every year, people come up with their list of New Year’s resolutions. For those who find themselves overweight, they consider going on a strict diet to keep them from gaining more weight. Although it usually centers around the foods they must eat to help facilitate their weight loss, a lot of people are also thinking about what not to eat. When it comes to one’s diet, it is essential to consider the foods you take it not only to keep your body healthy but to keep your oral health in perfect condition.

· Too much fruits

Although eating fruits meant going for the healthier option, it does not mean overeating it is still healthy. Did you know that fruits come with natural forms of sugar? If you consume more than the recommended serving, it can lead to the increase in blood sugar levels. Moreover, the sugar residues left inside the mouth feeds the bacteria in it that causes the growth of tooth decay. You should never eat more than the recommended serving of fruits, or you will have to feel guilty like you just finished a bag of chocolates you’re not supposed to eat.

· Take the wine out (or not!)

Wine is always brought out as it calls people to celebrate. The little victories call for a glass of wine. But little do people know that drinking wine can also cause their teeth to be stained and their gums to be prone to damages. If you ask the dentist, they will say that you should raise the glass of water instead. It still calls for a celebration, but it is entirely healthy for your teeth, gums and your body. Water keeps the body hydrated and the mouth with enough to produce saliva that washes bacteria away.

· Pasta or rice?

Whichever you choose to eat, both can be very bad for your teeth. Overeating of foods rich in carbohydrates is bad for your teeth and overall health as the body breaks down carbohydrates and turns it into sugar. When you consume more rice or pasta than you should, it is relatively easy to gain weight and to increase the sugar levels in your blood. Whether it is for your diet or your teeth, it is best to consume only the right amount of carbohydrate-rich food.

The teeth and the gums play a huge role in one’s overall health. A gum problem or a stained tooth may seem like a simple problem that can be dealt with when you visit the dentist, but it means much more than that. In fact, gum or tooth problem could be one of the initial signs of a more serious health condition. So before you think about what to eat, here is a list of what not to eat to keep your teeth, gums and overall health in perfect shape.