Anxiety in the Dentist’s Chair

“Your appointment is fixed with the dentist.” As soon as you hear this statement, it starts running on your nerves and thinking how you can skip/avoid this appointment. To some people, it is a big time fear to visit the dentist especially for adults. Although they know that this anxiety is totally irrational but they feel themselves helpless in this case. People with dental anxiety go to the dentist at their worse pain only.

Here are the sign of dental anxiety, which may include:

  • Sleeplessness. Facing difficulty the night before your dental exam
  • Nervousness. Increase in the nervousness while sitting and waiting at the dental office.
  • Depression. Likely to cry or feel illness at the very thought of seeing the dentist.
  • Uneasiness. Feeling uneasy while thinking about the dental treatment, like, how objects are placed in your mouth etc.

Fortunately, it is easy to come across with this type of dental anxiety.

Causes of Dental Anxiety

There can be several reasons behind this dental anxiety and fear. A few of them are:

Fear of pain. This might be there due to your previous painful dental experiences or the horrified stories told by others. It is a common reason for not going to the dentist but thanks to the modern times that has made less painful or even pain-free dental procedures in dentistry.
Fear of Injections. Not only kids but adults as well have this fear especially when it is a matter of inserting a needle into their mouth.

Fear of anesthetic side effects. Side effects like nausea, dizziness or fainting stamp a great amount of fear on people’s mind. Other factor might be the “fat lip” related with local anesthetics.
Self-consciousness. Some people become embarrass about the appearance of their teeth or possible mouth odors. Physical closeness of the dentist to their face is also another cause of dental anxiety.

Vulnerability. Feeling of helplessness because while sitting on a dental chair, you are unable to see what’s going on with your mouth wide open.

How to overcome Dental Anxiety?

Following tactics can help you out to calm your dental anxiety.

  • Talk to your dentist. Your fears should be known to your dentist in order to get the better results. In case, your dentist is not taking you seriously then opt for another dentist.
  • Activeness. If lack of control is your main stressors, try to be more participative with your dentist about your treatment, this can ease your tension.
  • Talk with your Hands. Off course it is difficult for you to speak with mouth full of tools, so before the procedure starts, you should communicate with your dentist about the signals with your hands if at any point you feel uncomfortable.
  • Take a Break. If you need to take breaks during your dental procedures, let your dentist know about it.

Never be afraid to ask questions to your dentist, ask him/her about the procedure and you should make sure that your dentist does everything to make you feel easy during your visit. We advise you to get regular dental care.