Bad Breath: Causes, Treatment and Prevention

Bad Breath: Causes, Treatment and Prevention

Bad breath is among the top third reason why people seek dental care. It is also termed as Halitosis. This problem is very rarely talked about due to embarrassment. But it effects a lot on a person’s life; morally and socially. Halitophobia is a huge dental phobia that affects numerous people.

Sometimes people passing through this dental phobia do not realize the fact that their mouth emits a foul odor. This happens due to the fact that our oral cavities are connected to our noses by an opening that lies in the back of our mouth, region known as soft palate. Mostly nose filters out and ignores background odors, which includes our own breath.

Causes of Bad Breath

There are many causes of bad breath, ranging from eating onions to facing a serious health condition like diabetes. Bad breath can be temporary or until the treatment is sought. The most common reason of bad breath is the bacteria-filled whitish coating that covers the surface of the posterior portion (the back) of the tongue. Other factors which cause bad breath include:

Foods and Beverages Poor Oral Hygiene Dental diseases
Use of Tobacco Alcohol

  • Oral Bacteria
  • Medical conditions and diseases
  • Improper Brushing
  • Dental corrective appliances (crowns, bridges etc) Sinus Conditions
  • Medications

Bad Breath Treatment

It is indeed an easy process to treat Halitosis by starting a proper oral hygiene in your routine. Such as brushing, flossing, rinsing with mouthwash, proper brushing your tongue, avoid colas.

If you are still experiencing a bad breath, talk to your dentist about it. This might be due to some health issue and not due to the poor oral hygiene. And this is also important to keep your dentist informed about the medications your may be taking. Because some medications are the cause of bad breath as it dries the mouth. In general, bad breath can be solved with good oral hygiene.

How to Prevent Bad Breath?

Prevention is better than cure. To avoid the feeling of embarrassment due to the bad breath, follow these simple tips:

  • If you have Halitosis because of improper brushing, start brushing properly not only your teeth but your tongue as well.
  • If you are onion/garlic lover, choose wisely when to eat those foods. Or if you do not resist eating these, keep chewing gums or mints with you.

The best way to prevent bad breath is by visiting your dentist on a regular basis and off course by practicing good oral hygiene. Try it out and you will notice you and your mouth are much happier and healthier.