Dentistry and Technology

Dentistry and Technology

Some years ago when going to the dentist seems such a prolonged procedure and technology was nothing to do with the dentistry, who have thought of relating the two with each other? Dentistry is always being a critical/sensitive field because it requires a lot of concentration and even not a tiny winy mistake is allowed in it. Moreover, if you look at the patient’s side, a dentist chair seems such a dreaded place to be. But technology has made to breathe easier for dentists and for the patients as well. To be in the comfort zone and to achieve the beautiful results, use of technology is now a necessity for dental health care. Dental industry is advancing in creating new dental technologies which is off course making dental treatment easier, safer and pain-free.

In the early time, monitoring, diagnostic and identification of the internal structure of the mouth was done by conventional x-ray machines. The radiations emitted from those conventional x-ray machines were not healthy for the patients, also, the images taken from those x-ray machines were so basic that diagnosis was often at a weak position.

In this era of technology, where everything is going digital, dentistry is also advancing in technology. Digital radiography (x-rays) are introduced for better diagnosis, it has the digital image management software, which can be stored and enhanced to aid the finding. It becomes easier to detect decay and other irregularities in the mouth.

Laser treatment is now becoming a very common type in dental treatment. If a dentist is using lasers to treat tooth decay and gum diseases, teeth whitening and lesion removal, then he/she is stepped to the future of dentistry.

The future of dentistry is now emerging with technology and dentists should keep them updated as technology advances to maintain good oral health.