Healthy Smile for your Young Child

Healthy Smile for your Young Child

Young Children needs more attention as they are in the growing stage. Parents should be careful enough to deal with their young kids at their developmental stage.

As far as the healthy teeth are concerned, they have to have proper dental care, give them healthy foods, and keep you in touch with the dentist. Healthy teeth and gums will help to eat properly, speak with clear and open mouth and moreover bring a healthy smile on your child’s face.

Young children would like to brush their teeth themselves, but off course they need to be supervised.

Dental Care

It is very important to check your child’s teeth and gums regularly, if you notice anything unwell or unusual, take your child to the dentist right away. Also, fix a time for the regular dental checkups.

Your Healthy Mouth

Eat healthy, smile healthy. Healthy food is very much important to keep your mouth fresh and healthy. Take some whole-grain products, meat, fish, dairy products, fruits, vegetables, eggs, beans and so on. Candies, colored drink, cookies or cake should be your less choice for eating.

Your Child’s Healthy Mouth

Use fluoride toothpaste to brush your child’s teeth at least twice a day. And make sure that your child’s toothbrush has soft bristles. Amount of toothpaste varies from children of different ages. For instance, for children under age 2, use a small spread of toothpaste. Children ages from 2 to 5, use pea size toothpaste.

Guide your children on how to brush his teeth. Gently brush the front and back teeth, lift his lips to brush the gum line of the teeth. Make sure you use a different spoon when you taste your child’s food. Germs can pass from your mouth to your kid’s mouth.

After cleanliness of your child’s mouth, healthy foods are important, avoid giving flavored-juices rather give fresh fruit juices or fresh fruit either.

Moreover, regular dental advices are important to avoid any problem. After all, your smile is with your child’s smile which indeed requires your attention!