Invisalign For Your Teen: Why Go For It?

Invisalign For Your Teen: Why Go For It?

Every parent wants their teeth to have that beautiful white smile. Whether it is in the genes, diet or dental hygiene, sometimes, children grow up to their teens with misaligned teeth. It could be caused by some reasons and most of the time; dentists recommend the use of metal braces for corrective alignment of the teeth. Dental braces or otherwise known as traditional braces used to be the first and perhaps only option when it comes to teeth alignment problems especially for teens until the Invisalign technology came along.

Invisalign has radically changed orthodontic treatment by introducing an invisible alternative to metal braces. These clear, removal aligners help straighten teeth without taking too much attention. They are custom made to your child’s teeth to ensure that it is moved where it should be after the course of the treatment. Unlike braces, Invisalign aligners are clear and are changed every couple of weeks until the desired placement of the teeth has been achieved. Though it may seem as if these aligners are much like traditional braces, they come with a list of benefits, especially for the orthodontic treatment of your teenager.

· Invisalign aligners are removable while braces are not.

If your son or daughter is into sports, they can easily remove the aligners without worrying about being hit in the mouth, which could later cause more problems if they were wearing braces. If your teen, on the other hand, is into music, they could easily remove the aligners without being uncomfortable with the instrument that they play. Also, teens wearing traditional braces have limited food options to keep food particles from getting stuck between the metal attachments on the teeth.

· Teens become more confident knowing that others can’t even tell they are undergoing orthodontic treatment.

Teens feel more conscious whenever people stare at them because they are wearing metal braces. Sometimes, they get bullied because of their dental condition and such could lead to anxiety and even teen depression. With Invisalign, teens can undergo orthodontic treatment without worrying about being bullied about it. The aligners are clear which make them almost invisible unless you take a close look at the mouth of the one wearing it like how their dentist would.

· Invisalign treatment saves you some time.

Since you won’t be dealing with the repair of broken wires or the adjustment of the rubber that is put to help with the movement of the teeth, your teen gets to spend more time doing what they love to do. Whether it is music, sports or love for the arts, your teeth have more time to do all these things because they don’t have to spend hours waiting at the dentist. Follow-up checkups with the dentist when you are wearing Invisalign is spaced every two to four weeks. The changing of aligners every two weeks alongside other technological advancements with this kind of treatment helps achieve desired results faster.

If you’re not sure whether Invisalign treatment is best for your teeth, seek help from your trusted Edmonton dentist. They will know exactly what’s best for you.