Mouthwash Facts: Understanding How It Takes Care Of Us

Do you include gargling mouthwash in your daily dental health care routine? If you already do, then you are on your way to enjoying that benefits that it comes with. However, if you are yet to try, it is essential that you understand how to use the mouthwash properly. And yet, despite the number of Canadians using the mouthwash, there are still some who know very little about it. Other than the fact that it is available in the grocery store in a wide variety of colors, little is known about the mouthwash.

Dentists in Edmonton recommends the use of the mouthwash to improve one’s oral health further. In fact, here is a list of mouthwash facts to boost the health benefits of using mouthwash.

Fact 1: All Mouthwash Products are the Same.

Did you know that the mouthwash you are buying can fall either of these two categories – cosmetic or therapeutic? Gargling a cosmetic mouthwash could help get rid of the food particles in the mouth, keep the bacteria controlled and freshen your breath for a few good hours. However, therapeutic mouth products are different because they come with additional ingredients that help target one’s inner being. They usually include a higher dosage of fluoride as well as essential oils. All of these have been found to help reduce plaque in the mouth and fight of cavities as well.

Fact 2: All Mouthwash is Safe to Use.

Did you know that mouthwash contains a significant amount of alcohol? Sometimes, such amount could lead you to suffer from the dry mouth syndrome. Ironically, such disease could cause bad breath. Because the oral tissues get irritated by tooth much alcohol in the mouthwash, it can lead to infection, which undermines the benefits that mouthwash products are supposed to come with. If you are worried about experiencing dry mouth, it is best to choose mouth products that are alcohol-free. Remember, mouthwash should not be ingested, so problems may arise when it is accidentally swallowed.

Fact 3: Mouthwash isn’t the Best Cure for Bad Breath.

Although it may help patients get rid of stinky breath, it does not put an end to bad breath. In fact, the saliva that helps the mouth get rid of the bacteria can work against you when you frequently use the mouthwash. It dilutes it making it less effective. The best cure for bad breath is to get to the cause of the problem. Book an appointment with your dentist in Edmonton and let them check what could be causing your bad breath. Whether it is a simple case of what you had for lunch or a more serious health concern, only a professional dentist can help you diagnose it.

Using mouthwash and making it a part of your dental routine is indeed beneficial. There is no doubt about that. But the more you understand the extent of its effect on your body, the more that you will realize the proper use of it.