Do You Need to Get Fillings?

Do You Need to Get Fillings?

You have a perfect smile when you have perfect teeth. However, if your teeth are not perfect, you just might require a dental filling treatment from a Sherwood dental clinic. The tooth filling is a dental treatment which helps the patient to regain their teeth structure and form which are damaged due to decay or cavity. If you have a tooth decay or damage and your Sherwood dental clinic has recommended dental fillings, you might be wondering if you really need it. The answer to this confusion can be yes in the following cases.

Tooth Sensitivity

You may experience an unbearable pain while eating or drinking something cold or hot. This is known as tooth sensitivity. Sensitivity in a single tooth can be a clear sign that you have decay or a cavity that needs to be filled. Don’t ignore it. You need to allow a dentist to inspect it immediately and assess the extent of the damage. If the damage is extensive, then dental filling treatment is a must.

Tooth Pain

Tooth pain can also occur when a dental infection has reached your gum-pulp and is eroding your root canal nerve. In such a case, a dental filling is a must to stop the dental infection from completely eroding your root canal nerve. Talk to your dentist and find out the actual cause of your tooth pain.


A cavity occurs when the outer layer of the tooth, that is, the tooth enamel is eroded or when holes are created in your teeth. Cavities are usually created due to excessive consumption of sugary foods such and carbonated drinks, and poor dental hygiene. Cavities can leave your tooth vulnerable to dental infections and other serious dental problems. In such cases, a dental filling is the best solution as it protects your tooth from dental issues.

How is Tooth Filling done?

Gold cast filling, silver amalgam, tooth-colored composites, and dental ceramic are some commonly used materials in tooth fillings. The procedure of filling a tooth is quite simple. First, the dentist gives the patient a local anesthesia which calms the patient during the procedure. During the second step, the dentist uses a dental drill to remove the decayed tooth pulp and cleans the cavity. In the third step, the dentist applies a gel before placing a filling material. Next, the filling material is filled in the cavity and left to dry. The dentist then polishes the teeth after the dental filling is hardened.

Wish to get a dental filling treatment done? Visiting our Sherwood dental clinic can be the perfect option for you. We have a team of dentists who are experts in providing various restorative and cosmetic dentistry procedures.