Oral Hygiene: Basics That Everyone Must Know

Oral Hygiene: Basics That Everyone Must Know

Every dentist in Edmonton knows that the practice of daily oral hygiene lays all the groundwork needed to keep the teeth and gums healthy and strong. Although the routine simple includes brushing and flossing, alongside regular dental check-ups, doing all of this regularly can help prevent some tooth and gum problems. Did you know that regular brushing can help prevent bad breath?

But if this is how simple it is to take care of one’s dental health, how come there are still a lot of people who are suffering from tooth decay? Although dental problems could be caused by some things including one’s diet and sleeping routine, it is essential to stick to regular dental hygiene to keep the risks of dental problems at a minimum. Dentists emphasize the importance of adequately brushing and flossing. It is not enough that you brush. You have to know the most efficient way to do it.

Since there are various techniques in brushing the teeth, it is essential to ask the dentist what they could recommend. Learning how to do it right will help prevent cavities in the long run. Here are some tips to help you how to brush your teeth properly:

  • Always try to brush your teeth twice a day. If you can, brush your teeth after every meal. When you can do this, you don’t have to worry about suffering from bad breath.
  • Remember to choose your toothpaste correctly. Going for the most popular one isn’t always right. Pick the toothpaste that comes with fluoride. It will help keep the teeth clean and stain-free.
  • Keep the toothbrush at an angle whenever you brush near the gum line. Not only will it avoid bleeding gums, but it helps protect the tissues surrounding the teeth from getting damaged in the process.
  • You don’t need to put a lot of pressure on the brushing. Keep a gentle touch to allow the toothbrush to remove the plaque build-up around the teeth gently. Vigorous scrubbing will only cause gum irritation which could then lead to excessive bleeding of the gums.
  • Concentrate on the brushing process. Keeping your eyes on your teeth will allow you to see which part needs more cleaning.

Brush your tongue as well. Various brushes come with its tongue brush. Doing so will help keep the bacteria out of the gums, as they could cause bad breath.

No one technique works well for everyone, except for the method that keeps the dentist at the center of your oral health practices. See your dentist for all your dental care needs. You’ll be surprised at the huge difference it can make.