Strathcona Dentist: 4 Invisalign Mistakes To Avoid

Strathcona Dentist: 4 Invisalign Mistakes To Avoid

With the introduction of Invisalign, many people are opting for it instead of braces. Although people need braces to straighten uneven teeth, Invisalign is a less painful and less complex alternative for metal braces. The purpose of Invisalign is to correct the uneven teeth alignment without people noticing it. Invisalign aligners are made of clear plastic that look almost invisible when you wear them. While it is a comfortable method to align your teeth, here are some common mistakes listed by Strathcona dentist which should be avoided.

Keeping Unclean Invisalign

With a continuous intake of food and beverages, bacterial build up in your mouth is normal. Although your Invisalign aligners are made of synthetic material, they do get some bacterial build upon them. To avoid having unclean Invisalign in your mouth for long hours, make sure you clean them with toothpaste just like you brush your teeth. Alternately, you could soak them in mouthwash. Also, remember to carry the tray along when you go out so that you do not keep your Invisalign open in your bag.

Smoking with Invisalign

Staining your Invisalign is not something common. However, smoking is one thing that leads to stains on your aligners. Smoking, in general, is a very bad habit for your overall health. If you smoke with your aligners on, they will stain. Stains caused by smoking will not go even after rigorous cleaning.

Wearing Invisalign While Drinking Beverages

Just like smoking, drinking beverages such as cola, coffee, alcohol, etc. could also lead to staining. Your Invisalign would no longer be invisible. Wearing your Invisalign while having beverages can also lead to bigger issues. There is a risk of tooth decay as the drinks can enter your Invisalign and stay settled on your tooth for as long as the aligners are on.

Not Wearing Invisalign for Prescribed Duration

The most common mistake when wearing aligners is that people do not wear it for the proper prescribed time. Since Invisalign are easily removable, often people forget to wear them back. Though it is necessary to remove aligners when having certain food items, it is equally important to put them back. Remember it is not a quick fix. It takes time to restructure your teeth so you need to wear your Invisalign for as long as you can.

By avoiding these common mistakes, you can enhance the life of your Invisalign and get a better result from them. To make proper use of Invisalign, it is essential to get help from a dentist. To get more details about Invisalign and other dental services, get in touch the finest Strathcona dentist clinic.