Our Caring Dental Team

LizOffice Manager

Liz has over 11 years of experience and graduated from the University of Alberta Dental Hygiene Program with a Bachelor of Sciences in Dental Hygiene Specialization. She loves the advancement of education and has completed a Prescription Writing course and a laser gingival treatment modalities course. She also has advance training in local anesthetic delivery for pain management.

She graduated with top class honorary distinction at the University of Alberta Dental Hygiene Program, and is the honorary recipient of the Alberta Dental Association Scholarship nominated by professors and peers and the Jason Lang Scholarship.

In addition, Liz’s academic background also focus on research during her undergraduate studies as she was able to work with Dr. Sharla King and the Interdisciplinary health council on collaborative health programs. In addition, she has done research on early periodontal markers and risk factors for moms with periodontal disease.

In her spare time, she is an avid runner and enjoys spending time with the two loves of her life, her husband and her dog.
She is excited to be able to use technology, current research and science to educate patients on the importance of good oral hygiene here at Aspire. Being nervous as a patient herself, she combines a gentle touch along with effective dental hygiene therapy and pain management to prevent gum disease and promote good oral and physical health.