Three Surprising Ways For Healthy Teeth

Three Surprising Ways For Healthy Teeth

You’ve submitted yourself to healthier food options. You brush regularly and floss soon after. All these three you did not only to get whiter, healthier teeth but also to keep your overall health in tiptop shape. But did you know that there are other things you can do to keep your teeth healthy? Read on to discover three surprising ways to keep your smile healthy and strong.

Tooth decay that causes dental caries and cavities, as well as gum disease, are caused by bacteria in the mouth that thrive on sugar. It coats the teeth with a sticky film called plaque. If you skip brushing or flossing, plaque will eventually wear away the tooth enamel. Bacteria in the mouth feed on the start and sugar in the food which is then used to produce acids that harden plaque into tartar forming it around the teeth. Such dental condition also leads to gum inflammation or a disease referred to as gingivitis.

So how do you protect your teeth? You’ll be surprised how these easy ways can help you keep your teeth healthy and strong:

1. It’s All About The Sugar

Sucrose more popularly known as sugar is the leading source of tooth decay. In fact, it is by far the only culprit of tooth decay on children. If you want to keep your teeth healthy, then you’d better skip those sugary treats. Chocolate, candies or even cereals are a source of sucrose that is bad for your teeth, not to mention its adverse effects on your overall health. Limit the sugar intake and eat less food rich in starch too. Bacteria in the mouth breaks down the starch and turns it into sugar.

2. Drink More Milk

If you can, drink more than a glass of milk a day. But if you are vegan or are lactose intolerant, it might be best to skip the milk altogether. However, there are alternative sources of calcium. The list includes broccoli, sunflower seeds, and fig. All these three food items are a rich source of calcium, not to mention the other vitamins and nutrients that you get from eating them. Drink more milk or go for alternative sources of calcium.

3. Exercise More

It is not a surprise that regular exercise helps improve blood circulation and burn unwanted fats too. But did you know that regular exercise helps keep the teeth healthy also? Through exercise, the body produces more hormones that fight off the harmful bacteria in the mouth. The process helps keep the teeth healthy. It envelops the teeth with its much-needed protection from the bad bacteria.

Now, which of these three will you include in your daily routine?