Tobacco Use and Your Oral Health

Tobacco Use and Your Oral Health

It is a very serious issue to be pointed out, this is not a hidden fact that use of tobacco is dangerous for the health whether it is in any form. It can bring on number of oral health problems from oral cancer to teeth discoloration.

Tobacco in any form or of any quality is bad for oral health. There is a misconception that there are some good quality tobaccos available, but my friends, a thing to consider is that whether it is a good quality or a bad one both are harmful.

Smoking and tobacco use are alarming to some serious health complications. Let us discuss it in detail:

Smoking and Oral Cancer

A major health risk is involved when you start smoking. Among the half of the population who smoke are the victims of oral cancer. It is also estimated by the American Cancer Society that 90 percent of people with oral cancer have used tobacco in some or the other form.

Smoking increases risks of oral cancer to six times as compare to non-smokers. Oral cancer includes cancer affecting lips, tongue, throat and mouth. The more you have been using tobacco, the greater you risk.

For Oral Health, No Tobacco Is Safe

As said before, there is a misconception with the “qualities” of tobacco. It is difficult to figure out that which tobacco is worse. Precautions are better than cure, so it is better that we should not use tobacco for any purpose or in any form. Unfortunately, there is a myth that chewing tobacco has lesser risk than smoking or inhaling.

As compare to smoking, non-smoking tobacco is a bit less risky. But you should not compromise your health by consuming tobacco either by chewing or inhaling.

Protecting Your Oral Heath

There are some basic principles which should be followed to ensure your good oral health throughout the years:

  • No Smoking whatsoever. When you have quit smoking, off course, chances of oral health problems decreases significantly. And now if you are not in the list of smokers, you are just like a person who has never smoked at all. Many of the dentists are now working on this area, by asking the patient about their smoking habits.
  • Regular dental checkups. If you are tobacco consumer and feels like you are facing any dental problem whether in your teeth or gums, then you must consult a dentist or dental hygienists. An early detection has a role to play. It will give you the better results. As with cancers, regular dental checkups are a good way to know about it.
  • Proper Brushing and Flossing. Improper brushing and flossing are the main cause of periodontal diseases. Carcinogens found in tobacco and cigarettes damage your mouth and gums. Therefore, people who smokes and intake tobacco should be very careful with brushing and flossing.

Having Trouble Quitting? Visit the Dentist Regularly

If you are a regular consumer of tobacco of any form, reducing the consumption and eventually quitting are the important actions to improve not only your oral health but your overall health as well.

Tobacco addiction can make things worse, to quit you need to have the assistance of the dental hygienists or dentists. People who risk their life by using tobacco are somewhat difficult to mentor. But chronic smokers are at the greatest risks of oral cancer, who do not visit the dentist as well. Detection of oral cancer in the later stages reduces the rate of success stories.

So if you use tobacco in any form and you need our help to quit it, talk to us at (780) 467-8822. Our dental office is located at Sherwood Park (in the Synergy Wellness Centre).