The Tooth-Friendly Diet

The Tooth-Friendly Diet

Food is not just a fuel for your body. It also nurtures and heals. Whatever you eat affects your body and your overall health. Eating a healthier food brings in more energy, perfect sleep and lesser chances of being ill.

Healthy food is important to maintain your overall health. And it also helps in maintaining healthier teeth and gums. Your mouth is affected by the food you eat. Therefore, you should know what is best for your teeth whether choosing a drink or any edible thing.

Load your diet with fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean meats and unsaturated fats. This will contribute to your oral health as well as your total health. We have a few standout foods which will really boost it.

  • Vitamin C. It is vital for the healthy gums and found in almost every Citrus fruit. Kiwis contain the highest amount of Vitamin C.
    Calcium. It is found in dairy products for example milk, butter, cheese. Intake of calcium reduces the risk of cavities in the mouth and preserves tooth enamel. Calcium is also found in Sesame seeds which preserve the bone around teeth and gums.
  • Vegetables. Crunchy vegetables grown mainly of water act as a cleanser between teeth. It also massages gums.
    Green Tea. Hampers the growth of bacteria which may sometime leads to bad breath. Green tea contains catechin which is absolutely an anti-bacterial ingredient.
  • Onions. It contains powerful antibacterial sulfur compounds, remarkable for oral health. But the best results come in when eaten fresh and uncooked.
    Sweet Potatoes. Is enriched with Vitamin A, which acts as a quick healer and essential for tooth enamel formation. Other vegetables which have Vitamin A are carrots, broccoli and pumpkin.
  • Water. Water is the best defense against bacteria. Drinking plenty of water prevent from many diseases. Rinse your mouth with water after every meal to keep the bacteria away.

Hope it helps and bring out a healthier smile on your face. This is what Aspira Dental’s passion is. Keep smiling.