Toothbrushing Guideline

Toothbrushing Guideline

The advice to brush your teeth twice is very common in place. Sometimes this habit can end up giving you cavities or some gum disease because with this habit you become careless somehow that nothing can going to hurt your teeth.

Hence, there are several points suggested by dentists to consider which you might have ignored while brushing your teeth.

Choosing the Right Toothbrush

How? Check the size of your toothbrush, if you are pulling your mouth widely, then probably it is time to change your toothbrush, choose the size of the toothbrush appropriate to your mouth. Also, you have to make sure that handle is comfortable.

Other important to thing to consider are bristles. Dentists recommend a soft-bristled brush which can remove plaque because hard-bristled brush will affect the teeth badly.

All of the above, to some extent it’s not the toothbrush, it’s the brusher.

Timings for Brushing

Dentists recommend brushing your teeth twice a day, but doing it thrice is best. Because when there will be too much break between brushing, there are great risks of bacterial plaque, inflammation and other problems.

Now when we say doing proper tooth brushing, it includes both; the way we do and the time we spend doing it. You should give at least two to three minutes each time brushing your teeth. Better is this divide the mouth into quadrants and give 30 seconds to each quadrant.

Proper Tooth Brushing

To understand that brushing your teeth is important but how to do it is more important. Dentist suggests softly brushing your teeth up and down and making sure not to move your brush across your teeth. The stroke should not be horizontal, but vertical as horizontals strokes along the gum line can lead to scratches.

To maintain dental health you would like to go an extra mile. Be sure that you are not brushing your teeth excessively as it might lead to some dental problems. The trick is to do it gently for two to three minutes and twice a day.

Brushing – the Boring Task

Dentists found out the reason why people rush brushing the teeth. They start brushing the same part repeatedly and as soon as reach the last quadrant they feel bored and do it roughly.

And with this, many people skip the inner part of their teeth which is as important to brush as the outer part. Dentists say that the inner surface of the front teeth is the usually the most skipped area.

Care your Toothbrush

On a first note, always remember to rinse the toothbrush after you brush and remove the leftover toothpaste. Because an un-rinsed toothbrush will grow bacteria in it and the same will go into your mouth next time you brush.

Secondly, dentists recommend that the toothbrush should be dry when pickup for use, else it will be the breeding ground for bacteria. Also if the bristles remain moist, it can be misshaped. Therefore dentists advised to shake your brush after use and then recap it.

Change it Often

Dentists recommend changing the toothbrush every three to four months at least or if you see the bristles are losing its originality.

Here visual examine is preferred. Do not follow the timeline, if you are experiencing that the bristles are losing the normal flexibility and breaking apart, change your toothbrush.

Aspira Dental Team loves to see you smile, with bright, white and healthy teeth. Happy Tooth brushing folks!