Top Reasons For Tooth Loss

Due to various reasons, you could lose a tooth or a couple of teeth. Tooth loss is not just a cosmetic issue. It has many more consequences. Tooth loss can lead to decreased chewing ability, difficulty in speaking, nutrition implications, lowered self-esteem, and various other dental problems. To stay away from these ill effects of tooth loss, knowing the reasons for tooth loss becomes necessary.

Here are some of the top reasons for tooth loss:

Poor Oral Hygiene

Bad oral hygiene accumulates plaque on your teeth surface that causes cavities. It could also cause periodontal diseases that destroy the supporting tissues such as bones and ligaments. This finally leads to tooth loss.

Poor Nutrition

Getting enough of right nutrients and avoiding the wrong ones is important to increase the life of your teeth. Foods that contain a lot of carbohydrates, sugars, and acids damage your teeth and gums. Heavy intake of such diets initiates tooth decay, further leading to tooth loss.

Bad Habits

Tooth grinding shortens or chips your teeth and puts excess force on the supporting tissues ultimately leading to tooth loss. When your teeth lose their supporting tissues such as bones and ligaments, they become shaky and fall off.

Smoking And Drinking Alcohol

Smokers are more likely to lose their teeth and face other dental problems as compared to non-smokers. Drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes increase your risk of developing gum diseases in the end leading to tooth loss. Also, smoking affects the blood supply to your gums and causes periodontal disease.

Tooth Trauma

Top reasons of accidental tooth trauma include falls, sports injuries, and car accidents. You might not be able to avoid some of these mishaps. However, you could avoid some by wearing a proper protective gear when playing sports.


If you fail to replace a lost permanent tooth, it can result in a chain reaction of many dental problems including the loss of other teeth. When you have a missing tooth, the bone under the empty space does not receive any stimulation and thus, begins to resorb. This affects the health and stability of the teeth surrounding the empty space. Also, empty spaces between teeth can result in chewing problems, or malocclusion.

These are some top reasons that cause tooth loss. If you do not want to have a gap between your pearly whites, you should try and avoid these causes. Taking proper care of your teeth is the key to keep them in place for long. Also, see your dentist regularly for check-ups and cleaning. This will strengthen your teeth even more.