What Causes Sensitivity In Teeth?

What Causes Sensitivity In Teeth?

Have you ever experienced a mild twinge while sipping a hot beverage or a cold drink? Does it occur time and again when you eat or drink? If yes, then you’re likely to be suffering from teeth sensitivity. There are many kinds of toothpaste which help combat sensitivity in teeth. But if that does not work for you then you should get teeth examined from any our dentists in Sherwood Park at Aspira Dental.

What is Teeth Sensitivity?

Enamel is a protective layer that covers the teeth above your gum line. There is a softer tissue below the enamel called dentine. Teeth sensitivity occurs when the enamel of the teeth wears off exposing the dentine beneath. Dentine consists of microscopic canals called dentinal tubules. When the gums recede or the enamel gets thinner, the dentine tubules are exposed. These are affected by the heat and cold causing pain.

What Causes sensitivity in Teeth?

1. Acid Reflux and Acidic Foods:

If you suffer from chronic gastritis and acid reflux then there is a high chance that you have teeth sensitivity. In acid reflux, acidic digestive juices back up into the esophagus to the mouth. This makes the teeth enamel thinner. Excess consumption of acidic foods causes the teeth enamel to wear off.

2. Use of Teeth whitening Products:

Some people are sensitive to such products. Overuse of whitening toothpaste also results in teeth sensitivity. If you’re using a teeth whitening product then it’s best to switch to a different toothpaste.

3. Brushing Too Hard:

If you’re someone who brushes your teeth too hard then you’re most likely to suffer from teeth sensitivity in the near future. Please understand that brushing too hard is not going to make your teeth whiter or cleaner. Instead look for a how-to guide for brushing your teeth.

4. Teeth Grinding:

The enamel is the hardest substance in the body but continuously grinding your teeth can wear off the teeth enamel. Proper counseling and self-control can help eliminate teeth grinding.

5. Gum Disease:

Excessive plaque or tartar can cause the gums to recede down the tooth exposing the dentine causing sensitivity in teeth. This also leads to bleeding gums and dental pain. Then you’re left with no option but to visit one of our good dentists in Sherwood Park.

6. Cracked Tooth:

A cracked tooth can cause severe dental pain. This then has to be treated by a dentist.

At Aspira dental, our top priority is your overall health and well-being. Depending on the cause of teeth sensitivity, we will recommend a suitable treatment plan to desensitize your teeth.