What Is The Perfect Smile?

You can have a perfect smile only when you have clean, perfect, healthy teeth. The length of your teeth, the amount of gums visible and numerous other factors contribute to a perfect smile. How do you get clean, healthy teeth and that perfect smile? Well, for this it is important to brush, floss, and get regular dental cleaning done.

If you have crooked teeth or gaps between your teeth, your smile will not be alluring. You should see an orthodontist and get your smile corrected. Apart from all these, confidence is a must. Having confidence is as important as having healthy teeth for a perfect smile.

Here’s what a perfect smile looks like and how you can get it.

Features of a Great Smile

1. Shade of Teeth

The shade of smile is measured in opalescence. When it comes to the shade of teeth, most of us think – whiter is better. However, this is not necessarily true. Whiter teeth do not always mean better teeth. Teeth that are too white can look unnatural. If you want to keep your teeth realistic, their color should not be lighter than the whites of your eyes.

If you have discolored teeth or if you want to get rid of stains, there are various teeth whitening products available. Most people choose at-home teeth whitening. However, this can be more expensive in the long run as compared to teeth whitening services offered by professional dentists. You will have to spend more money on numerous teeth whitening kits over time as they do not have long lasting effects like the products available with the dentists do.

2. Shape of Teeth

The shape of your teeth matters. Having crooked teeth cannot give you an ideal smile. If you have crooked teeth, you should get them straightened by a dentist. Professional dentists can suggest various ways to get your teeth in shape. Braces are not the only option for teeth straightening. Invisalign is another method of aligning your teeth properly. Also, porcelain veneers are a great option as they correct several dental problems at once. Not only do they make your teeth look white but also help improve the shape of your teeth.

3. Sensitivity of Teeth

The way you have maintained your teeth will determine the natural feel of your smile. If you have sensitive teeth, you should urgently seek dental assistance. The sensitivity of your teeth can range from sensitive to ultra-sensitive. Sensitive teeth are easily affected by hot and cold foodstuffs or drinks, and even by the gentle touch of air.

Regular dental cleaning and care by dentists can help you get the perfect smile and prevent future dental problems. Seeing a dentist often can help avoid stains and fix cavities before the treatment becomes more expensive. If you are not very confident about your smile, you should visit your dentist and get your smile corrected.