What You Need to Know About Root Canal Treatment

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what you need to know about root canal treatment

Your dentist has recommended that you undergo root canal treatment in Sherwood Park. You’re understandably nervous because you’ve heard a lot about root canal over the years. You’ve heard that it’s .. STOP!

There’s a good chance that a lot of what you’ve heard is out of date and just not true any longer. When you’re searching for the best information you can find, how often do you turn to dusty editions of paper Encyclopedia Britannica? Ever? We bet that, instead, you look online for the most accurate and up to date information about what you’re looking for. You should take the same approach to learning everything you need to know about root canal treatment near you. To give you a head start in gathering what you need to know, we’ll answer some of the most common questions that we’re asked about root canal treatment at a dental office in Sherwood Park.

Is root canal really painless?

It’s true. You won’t experience any pain during your root canal procedure. Thanks to constant advances in dental instruments, anesthesia, imaging, and procedures, root canal surgery is now a very precise procedure performed with specialized equipment by expert dentists. You’ll feel nothing while your dentist performs the procedure except immediate relief from the pain of your serious tooth infection.

What if I’m still scared?

Dental fear and anxiety is very common in people of all ages. It’s especially prevalent in relation to more serious procedures such as root canal surgery. If you experience dental fear or anxiety, discuss that with your dentist and their staff. They can offer you several forms of sedation dentistry — each of different levels depending on the extent of your anxiety — to help you to be as relaxed as possible. The last thing your dentist wants is to have your anxiety stand in the way of essential root canal treatment in Sherwood Park, especially when your dentist can easily help you get past that anxiety and fear.

Will I be in pain after my root canal?

Once the anesthesia wears off after your procedure, it is normal and common to experience soreness and even some swelling for a few days. Typically, any pain will reach its peak point approximately 24 hours after your procedure, then gradually dissipate from there before disappearing. Any pain and discomfort you experienced is typically addressed with over-the-counter pain medication, cold compresses, and by keeping your head elevated while you rest and sleep. The staff at your dental office in Sherwood Park will give you detailed aftercare instructions to make sure you make a speedy and complete recovery without any complications.

Is it a better idea just to have the tooth pulled?

If serious infections go too far, there will come a time when the tooth and its roots are simply too badly damaged to stay in your mouth. In that case, your dentist will extract that tooth. Extraction is sometimes necessary, but should always be a last resort. Extractions may end the infection, but are just the beginning of the dental treatment you’ll need. Leaving an empty slot in your jaw can cause serious problems for the alignment of your teeth and the health of your remaining teeth and your gums and jaw. Dealing with those issues may require a dental implant or partial dentures at considerable expense. You can avoid incurring those expenses and facing those risks by — whenever possible — having an infection treated with root canal rather than preventable tooth extractions.

You’ve probably got several more questions about root canal treatment in Sherwood Park, and you should take the time to get answers to every one of the — but not from dusty and dated sources that will lead you wrong. Contact a dentist near you for the best information.