When You Should Have Dental Implants

When You Should Have Dental Implants

People suffer from various problems due to missing teeth or tooth. For this purpose, dental implants are a perfect solution that tackles all your worries. They are either permanent or removable replacement, made to match the color and shape of your natural teeth.

Implant procedure at Aspire Dental in Sherwood Park starts with knowing the underlying cause of missing tooth and then performing the best procedure for the patient. From X-rays till the final implanting of the tooth, the dentist makes sure that the patient is comfortable and completely satisfied with the treatment.

It is important to know when an individual need to have an implant. Here are things that tell that you need to go through a dental implant procedure.

Tooth Loss

There are various reasons for tooth loss. A missing tooth can affect your bite and the way they fit with other teeth. Thus, you may find it difficult to chew your food. Also, your speech may get impaired when you have a missing tooth. Therefore, to overcome these problems, you need to have dental implants.


Dentures hold your tooth in a cup-shaped covering. There are chances that your dentures may not be fitted properly and might come out, resulting in pain. Dental implants help in holding your dentures for a long time as they are made to last lifelong.

To Maintain Healthy Teeth and Jaw Bone

Missing teeth can cause a shift in other teeth as the time passes. It also affects the way your jaw bones meet each other and hence cause deterioration of the jaw bone. The jaw also loses its strength and firmness causing more problems. Pressure on other teeth can create chances of infections and decays. Implant helps in restoring your bone loss and preserving a good oral health.

To Enhance Appearance and Boost Confidence

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Your smile is the attraction of your face. An absent tooth hampers your look and affects the shape of your jawline too. It lowers your confidence while speaking to others in a social gathering. All this can lower your morale. By having dental implants, it creates a better jawline and brings back the confidence you were missing.

If you are looking to get back to your comfortable lifestyle, Aspire Dental in Sherwood Park provides you with the best professional care. Scared of the procedure that will be followed? Don’t worry! The highly experienced dentists help you overcome your fear with the sedation dentistry. For details on how you can get a dental implant done, book an online appointment with Aspire Dental in Sherwood Park.