Why Are Dental Checkups So Important

Why Are Dental Checkups So Important

Are you wondering what has dental checkups gotta do with you? Well, you got the teeth, right! So like any part of your body requires a specialist, so does your teeth and that too, from time to time. Tooth decay and tooth diseases see no age, gender, and race. It happens to one and all. There is no time or age to go pay the visit to your Edmonton general dentist. And here’s why you should keep that dental visit as a regular in your calendar.

Detection and Prevention of Plaque, Cavities, and Tartar

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Do you enjoy munching chips? Food items such as chips, cola, candies, etc., tend to get stuck in our teeth and over a period of time lead to cavities, tartar and plaque buildup. A regular hello to the dentist once every month would make that bag of chips just food and not guilt.

Detection of Internal Issues with X-rays

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Your dental structure is more than just the visible teeth. Many problems go unnoticed as they are hidden from your eyes. Yeah! You brush your teeth daily so they are definitely healthy! But what about the internals of your teeth structure? No amount of brushing is going to touch base with that, right? That’s where our friendly Edmonton general dentist comes in action. Apart from the chair you dread, the dentist also has a good X-ray machine to catch the nasties causing trouble.

Early Detection of Oral Cancer

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Uh-Oh! It’s the ‘C’ word. But what has it gotta do with you? Wondering? Well, oral cancer is something that one does not imagine to happen to them. Cancer is something which lurks in complete silence and then attacks like a monster. But again, our friendly Edmonton general dentist is here to rescue you. Dental check-ups can detect oral cancer and that too at a very early stage. It’s something you don’t want to happen to you, right? So get the check-up done and stop waiting!

Presentable Teeth

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Ever met someone new and gave a toothless smile cause – yeah – a yellow smile ain’t appealing. Then stop being lazy!! Instead of being awkward multiple times when you smile, why not pay a visit once a month to the dentist. Our friendly dentist doesn’t just take care of our toothly booboos but also works wonder in giving us that pearly white smile. And to be honest, who doesn’t want white and presentable teeth. Think about it. Or rather don’t, just go for it!

Dental Checkup the First Step to Complete Health

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Your oral health matters to your overall health. Yeah, I know you have heard this but hear it again! Bad dental hygiene gives a clear picture of what’s going on in your body. Of course, you cannot see it but the dentist can. Bad oral hygiene can lead to major diseases such as diabetes, heart diseases, etc.

Let’s just sum it up to the basics: WHY to WAIT FOR A TOOTHACHE? Go find an Edmonton general dentist and make an appointment for life. And do follow through on your appointments. EVERY MONTH!!